Wax Ribbon, Resin Ribbon & Wax-Resin Ribbon

Barcodes, Inc. offers wax ribbon, resin ribbon and wax-resin ribbon for printing on thermal transfer labels. If you have a thermal transfer printer you will need thermal transfer ribbon in order to print high quality barcodes. All popular sizes and colors of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for direct delivery, with many others available by special order.

WSPL WAX Ribbons :
Ribbons in wax quality are the most cost-effective group of ribbons and are designed especially for applications using low print energy. They have been developed mainly for paper labels, where excellent results are achieved even on rough surfaces using your thermal printer.

WSPL Resin Ribbons :
High quality resin ribbons are the perfect choice if you are needing high quality print results on foil labels or synthetic surfaces. Browse our large variety of resin ribbons from various manufacturers! At the bottom of this page you will find information about the special properties of the various ribbon types we have in our assortment.

WSPL WAX Resin Ribbons :
The formula of these premium ribbons is based on wax and resin. They are applied using medium print energy. Premium ribbons guarantee accurate and detailed prints on smooth surfaces and are suitable for printing on plastic labels using your label printer. Compared to wax ribbons, the abrasion and scratch resistance is much higher.

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